Video Surveillance Registration

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Video Surveillance Registration

The City of Millbrae has created a video surveillance registration program for residents and business located in the City of Millbrae, to voluntarily register locations of their video surveillance systems.  Video surveillance is a great crime fighting tool and has assisted law enforcement in apprehending and convicting criminals.   You can register your video surveillance cameras by clicking on the link below.  Your contact information will be stored by the Millbrae Police Bureau.  If a crime occurs in your area, a member of the Millbrae Police Bureau may contact you through the information you provide on the registration form.   They will then ask you to view your video footage for a specific date and time.  If anything of interest has been captured on video, you then may be asked to provide a copy of the footage to the Police Bureau.  Let’s work together in keeping Millbrae safe.

(1) Click on the link below to download the form.

Residential/Business Video Surveillance Registry form

(2) Email completed form to